About Proactiv

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    Established in 2009

    Managing Director - Justin Kalay

    Proactiv Marketing is a well-established visionary and privately-owned company selling effective marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK. Our Managing Director, Justin Kalay, has over 25 years of direct marketing experience as well as over 25 years of experience working with individuals on developing mindset, work ethic, and communication skills, by using a simple yet effective development program. Before going into business, he worked as a professional football coach. He believes that regardless of what someone needs, coaching in the principles remain the same.

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    Our Solutions

    We offer bespoke marketing packages tailored to suit your business and drive growth

    In setting up Proactiv Marketing, Justin has married his two key skills together by offering cost-effective incentivised marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, while employing a workforce that is keen on training, development and lifelong learning.

    We have since expanded the company to offer the full marketing package to our clients, now providing website design, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and newly developed loyalty, appointment, and referral marketing software. Furthermore, we also supply all printed and promotional products such as leaflets, flyers, pens, mugs, banners etc.

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    Market Research

    Research custom designed to provide answers you need.

    At Proactiv, we understand our market and have spent years researching and analysing various marketing solutions that are working well for corporate companies. We have perfected how they can be adapted for small and medium-sized enterprises at a much more cost-effective rate. Our team works with over 10,000 independent businesses in the UK and beyond, who use Proactiv to help reduce overheads and increase profits by implementing our strategies.

    We are focused on helping YOU - our client - achieve those business goals you work so hard to attain. Our aim is to understand YOUR business needs and work with you to tailor marketing solutions that will drive sales and build loyalty. We are always available to help, guide and discuss new business ideas.

    We recognise that the majority of advertising for small businesses is a waste of time. The best way for companies to maximize their profits is to look after their customers and promote the most powerful form of advertising: 'Word Of Mouth'.

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    Proactiv Privileges Software


    Proactiv launched its software in early 2019 - ‘Proactiv Privileges’. The software can be used for building a database for direct marketing, appointment booking and loyalty/referral marketing (you only pay for the services you require). It is an extremely effective marketing tool that enables local businesses to make the most out of their loyal customer base by creating win-win opportunities. For those small businesses competing with the more prominent high-budget brands, it creates a balance and a vehicle for a fairer, more level playing field.


Our approach to marketing is unique. Talk to us today, we will help your business grow!